Samsung Concept OLED Wrist Communicator

Designed by Erik Campbell this concept smart phone is worn on the wrist and is aimed towards athletes, outdoor sports enthusiasts and of course, gadget geeks.

The Samsung concept wearable mobile device has an OLED touchscreen, with a tactile keypad and flexible electronics to absorb any knock or bumps it may receive whilst being worn.

It also has an elegant split pad for better airflow to prevent sweating, and relies on memory alloy articulation for on the go communication offering the user convenience when riding  or surfing.

Via Gizmowatch

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  • Ruslan

    Am I the only one who is tired of seeing super extra mega drive cool car and mobile concepts only to see my hopes crashed yet again when I see what has become of it by the production version? Enough of concepts, start producing!

  • Francis Fernan Salenga

    cool. I just hope we will see a product here and not just plain old designs and plans.

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  • Aivis

    if this phone is for sportists, maybe in this product you can insert a pulse meter??
    if you insert a pulse meter, then i’l buy it, if i can….