Pebble Notifier 2.0 Enables Pebble Smartwatch Notifications And More

This week a new update has been rolled out to the Pebble Notifier application now making it possible to send notifications to your Pebble Smartwatch, without the need to use the complex Tasker application.

The Pebble Notifier for Android is not affiliated with the development team behind the Pebble Smartwatch but has been created by independent developer Dattas Moonchaser.


Who explains: “This is an application that lets you send all notifications to your Pebble smartwatch. You can exclude certain applications or exclude all save a few. This is also bridge between the Pebble application and Tasker. It will let you send notifications of your making to your Pebble. Simply fill out the title and body of the message you want sent to your Pebble and off you go!”

To download the latest Pebble Notifier 2.0 for Android application, jump over to the Google Play Store, where it is available for free.

Source: Android Authority

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