NFC Enabled iPhone Coming In 2012?

Before the iPhone 4S was announced there were rumors that the handset would come with NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities, and now it looks like the rumors have started again, and according to a recent report Apple may launch an NFC enabled iPhone in 2012.

iPhone 4S

As Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and Bada have supported NFC (near field communication) functions and Microsoft and Apple plan to make Windows Phone and iOS support NFC in 2012, the proportion of NFC-enabled smartphones will quickly increase from less than 10% currently to over 50% in two to three years, according to Taiwan-based smartphone makers.

Of course it is still just a rumor at the moment, but with Google launching NFC enabled devices like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, we would suspect that Apple are looking into the technology at the moment.

Source Mac Rumors, DigiTimes

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  • lito

    anyboby can explain about these NFC funtion?

  • Jonbeard21

    nfc,near field communication,means u can pay for products with your device ,anywhere where u see the sign ,its like a wifi sign,,hope this helps,all u have to do is swipe your device past the electronic device where u pay,,,and bingo its done,,,