JVC DLA-VS4800 8k Projector Launches This Month

JVC is gearing up to launch its new JVC DLA-VS4800 8k Projector in Japan before the end of the month for a staggering $261,00, and offering users 8K Super Hi-Vision.

The new JVC DLA-VS4800 8k Projector uses JVC’s e-Shift pixel technology to create the 8K images it projects. The D-ILA display panel inside the JVC DLA-VS4800 is half the 8K resolution at 4,096 x 2,400 and  projects two images alternated at 120Hz.


The images are then displayed with one shifted slightly diagonally by the JVC DLA-VS4800, creating the impression of a higher resolution picture without actually increasing the pixel count of the image.

The AV Watch website has taken a guess at the price which they have calculated to be around 25 million yen or $261,000, without the 4 available lenses, which have no price and need to be added to make the total cost. So start saving now if you fancy purchasing one when they launch world wide.

Source: Engadget : JVC Kenwood Japan

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