Google Reader Being Shutdown Because Of Privacy Compliance (Rumor)

Google recently announced that their Google Reader RSS reader would be shut down on the 1st if July, we previously heard that Google were shutting it down because not enough people use the service, although a petition to get Google to change their mind is close to 150,000 signatures.

Now according to a recent report by All Things D, one of the reasons that Google is shutting down Google Reader is that Google is trying to organize itself so it doesn’t get into as many lawsuits and also face issues with regulators on various products.

Google Reader

To do this Google needs a team of people for each of its products to look after compliance and privacy issues, and it looks like Google did not want to install a new team on Google Reader to deal with these issues.

It is a shame that Google is shutting down Google Reader, this is something I use myself every day, and a lot of other people do as well, although obviously it is no longer a viable product for Google, there are a number of other companies who will be offering alternatives to Google Reader, one of those is Feedly, who added 500,000 new users in a couple of days after Google’s announcement.

Source All Things D

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