Gigabyte M2432 Notebook and Docking Station Debut at Computex

Computex 2011 is kicking off this week and some new hardware has already been unveiled. Gigabyte has already announced a new notebook computer that has a cool docking station called the Booktop M2432. The machine has Intel Core i5 processor under the hood.

Gigabyte Booktop M2432

Other features of the notebook include USB 3.0 ports, THX TruStudio Pro, and a lot more. The screen of the notebook is a 14-inch LED backlit unit with 1366 x 768 resolution. It has Intel HD 3000 graphics onboard the notebook supporting HD movies and more. The machine weighs 1.81 kg and is 27.6 mm thick.

The docking station is included and has its own NVIDIA GT 440 GPU inside with 1GB of DDR5 RAM. The machine also has six USB ports, HDMI, D-Sub, DVI, and other ports that are normally found on desktop computers. The notebook also has a FlexiBay that allows the user to swap the optical drive for an extra battery. Pricing and availability are unknown.

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  • Murdic

    I’ve got a Gigabyte M1405, the earlier version of this with Intel SU7300 at 1.3GHz and overclock to 1.7GHz.  The earlier docking station has a GT220 desktop video card and it’s good enough to multiscreen with (with the dock, there are two HDMIs, 1 DVI and one VGA sub D, plus the notebook’s screen!).  The PC runs for 3 hours/5 hours with secondary battery, and if this new guts setup does what’s promised, it’s twice as good.  I want it.