DSLR ViewFinder Extension Allows Even More Creativity With Your Camera Angles

If you are looking to be a little bit more adventurous with your camera angles or need to put your camera in awkward positions to capture that perfect photograph, you might be interested in a new DSLR ViewFinder Extension that allows you to do just that.

The DSLR ViewFinder Extension allows you to stand away from your camera whilst looking through the view finder, and allows you to take low ground shots without the need to lye down yourself.

DSLR ViewFinder Extension

The ViewFinder Extension is now available to purchase for 24,850 Yen or around $265, and comes complete with a HDMI cable and comes with 3.5 inch LCD monitor display.

DSLR ViewFinder Extension

Source : Oh GizmoProduct Page : DamnGeeky

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