Create Your Own Paper Craft Characters With Foldable.Me (video)

Ever wanted to have your very own paper craft friend or mini you? If you have then a new service called might be worth more investigation.

The new service allows you to deign and create your own paper craft character which can then be shipped anywhere worldwide within 48 hrs for $11.99 (worldwide shipping included). Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the service and see it in action.

Foldable.Me has been created by Mint Digital who started the project on Kickstarter back in March and successfully raised $25,355. Now they have opened up a new website allowing anyone to create their very own paper mini character.

“Foldables weigh in at a mighty 10g and stand 8.5 cm tall (roughly 3.5in). Each one is made to order using our secret blend of matt laminate cardboard and high grade inks. They are precision cut and scored to be sturdy little souls – but they wouldn’t be much good in a fight.”

For more information jump over to the website.

Source: TNW

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