HTC One M9 Lands In Taiwan Tomorrow

HTC One M9

HTC announced that their new HTC One M9 smartphone would be launching in the US on the 10th of April, the handset is launching in Taiwan first and it will be available from tomorrow.

There will be two versions of the HTC One M9 available in Taiwan, one with 32GB or included storage, the other with 64GB.

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Tesla Announces Range Assurance App And More

tesla model S

Tesla have announced a range of new features for their Model S which includes a new Range Assurance App a Trip Planner and a range of new safety features.

The new Range Assurance app will tun in the background whilst you are driving your Tesla Model S, the app will communicate with the company’s supercharge network and will warn you if you drive out of range of a supercharger.

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New Moto 360 Smartwatch Leaked (Rumor)

new moto 360 2

It looks like the new Moto 360 2 smartwatch may have been leaked, the photo above was apparently shared by Lenovo’s CEO and it shows the second generation smartwatch.

The photo shows some of the new Moto 360 smart watches and also a range of parts for the device and there are some minor changes on the device compared to the existing model.

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Minecon 2015 Tickets go on sale on March 27th


If you aren’t a Minecraft fan you may not know that Minecon is an annual convention where Minecraft fans gather to celebrate their favorite game. Mojang confirmed last month that Minecon 2015 will in fact take place after skipping 2014 and they expect more than 10,000 people to turn up to the event.

It will take place in London. And now Mojang has confirmed when the Minecon 2015 tickets sale starts. If you are a Minecraft fan who wants to attend the festivities, you’ll need to mark your calendar for March 27th.
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Working Tron Light Cycle Replica Goes Up For Auction

Tron Light Cycle

Tron fans that have always dream of riding their very own Tron Light Cycle, are sure to be interested in this awesome replica that has gone up for auction this month, that was originally custom-built for the Andrews Collection back in 2011/12.

A guide price for the awesome Tron Light Cycle has been set between $25,000 and $40,000 without a reserve and is currently being auctioned over on the RM Sotheby’s website via the link below.

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