Gmail Users on Android Experiencing Sync Issues, Google Play Store Acting Weird As Well


Gmail has been acting up weird from the past one week. The app failed to sync, automatically and manually, at least for me. After searching for a while, I found out, thanks to Android Police, that I was not the only one facing this issue, there are many others like me.

There’s a big thread on the Google Support forums where users are complaining about the loss of sync on Gmail, and even Google is aware of the issue. One of the employee mentioned that Google is investigating the problem, and are now looking for a solution to fix this.

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Moto X, Moto G and Moto E Getting Android 4.4.4 KitKat in India


Moto G Google Play Edition is already getting the Android 4.4.4 KitKat update, but it seems Motorola is rolling out the latest update for its handsets in other regions as well.

If you’re based in India, rocking a Moto G, Moto E or a Moto X, you may want to check if there’s any update notification. Motorola India announced that it’s rolling out the latest Android 4.4.4 KitKat update for the abovementioned handsets.

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The Alleged Nexus 8 Tablet Lands in India for Testing

HTC Volantis

We’ve heard quite a lot about the alleged Nexus 8 tablets in the past few weeks. The tablet is reported being manufactured by HTC, codenamed Volanis.

We’ve seen a number of leaks lately, revealing some of the specifications of the device. According to a new report, a prototype of the puported Nexus 8 has landed in India for testing purposes.

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Verizon LG G3 To Come With Noticeable Difference In Color



LG G3 is all set to launch on all major US carriers. Currently, T-Mobile is taking pre-orders of the device and is set to launch on 16th of July. It’s not just T-Mobile, Sprint has also announced its LG G3 version, which will launch a few days after T-Mobile, that is, July 18th.

LG G3 will also launch on Verizon and AT&T, but there’s no word from both carriers about its availability. Recently, @evleaks shared a group photo of the LG G3 for all four carriers — Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile — and shows a pretty interesting thing about the Verizon variant.

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OnePlus One Confirmed to Get Android 5.0 L Update Later This Year

OnePlus One

It’s been sometime since OnePlus One was released, but it’s still facing some unexpected delays. For those of you who managed to score the handset have been wondering if the handset will ever the get the Android 5.0 L treatment, the answer is yes.

Recently, the folks at OnePlus One confirmed via their forums that OnePlus One will get the taste of Android 5.0 L within three months after Google releases the update for manufacturers.

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Crytek UK Development Team No Longer Turning Up For Work

Crytek UK

Over the past few weeks it has been rumoured that games developer Crytek has been suffering from financial woes. Now reports are circulating from sources close to the company that Crytek UK employees are no longer going to work.

Crytek has game development studios across the world and reports from numerous sites have been suggesting that the company has been experiencing financial trouble paying its employees.

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New DDR3 RAM World Record Set At 4.62GHz (video)

RAM world record

Kingston and Gigabyte have teamed up to set a new DDR3 RAM World Record which has been now set at a massive 4.62GHz using the Gigabyte LN2-only motherboard, the Z97X-SOC Force LN2.

Also the SOC Force LN2 motherboard has broken the DDR3 memory world record, not once, but twice. First reaching a record of 4.5GHz, and then three days later clocking up a massive 4.56GHz.

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LG G Watch Smartwatch Starts Shipping

lg g watch

The LG G Watch recently went up for pre-order, the device has been available from Google Play, and it was due to start shipping out on the 7th of July in the U.S., and shipments from third partly retailers in the UK began earlier in the week.

It looks like the LG G Watch has already started shipping out to customers, as a number of readers of Android Community have already started receiving shipping details for their new LG G Watch.

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