SUAS Minimalist Portable Stand For MacBooks And Tablets (Video)

Portable Stand

MacBook and tablet owners that are looking for a lightweight and minimalist portable stand may be interested in a new creation by Steve Killian based in Dublin Ireland called the SUAS that is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminium.

The SUAS has been designed to be reversible allowing you to use one stand for both tablet and MacBook hardware for a more ergonomic presentation whilst in use. Watch the video below to learn more from its creator.

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Chrome iOS Browser Updated With Handoff And New Material Design

Chrome iOS Browser

Google has released a new update for its Chrome iOS browser which brings with it a variety of new features and enhancements including a new look which is more in line with the Material Design used by Google for its Android operating system and apps.

The new Material Design user interface brings with it, bolder graphics, tactile surfaces and fluid motion. As well as making the latest Chrome iOS browser optimised for Apple’s iOS 8 mobile operating system and its new range of larger screened iPhone 6 smartphones.

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Morphi iPad App Makes 3D Design On A Tablet Even Easier (video)

Morphi iPad App

A free iOS 8 iPad app has been launched this week called Morphi 2.0 that has been designed to provide an easier way to create 3D drawings on your tablet device and easily print them on a 3D printer.

The latest release of the Morphi iOS application builds on the technology that was included in the original application that was unveiled back in the middle of last year, and has now been tweaked to support Apple’s iOS 8 operating system and Metal.

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New iPhone Home Button Doubles As A Joystick


Apple has already made a number of changes to their home button on the iPhone and iPad over the last few years, the home buttons in the latest devices comes with a fingerprint scanner.

Now it would appear that Apple has plans to use the home button for gaming in the future, as a new patent filing has been discovered.

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Apple Rumored to Boost RAM In Next Year’s iPhone and iPad

Iphone 6

Apple doesn’t usually get into spec wars which is quite common in Android manufacturers, yet they manage to pull off an excellent user experience performance. However, it seems they may start catching up with the competition, and introduce more high-end specifications.

According to a new report from Taiwan, Apple may boost the RAM in the next year’s iPhone and iPad, to make room for more features.

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BBC iPlayer Radio Tablet Exclusive App Launches For iOS And Android

BBC iPlayer Radio Tablet

The BBC has this week released a new dedicated BBC iPlayer Radio tablet application that is now available to download and install on both iOS and Android tablets, providing users with a custom user interface that has been specifically designed for larger screen devices.

The BBC has developed the tablet app as feedback from users using their existing iPlayer Radio applications available for smartphones. Building the new BBC iPlayer Radio app from the ground up exclusively for tablet devices.

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Pixelmator For iPad And Mac Updated


Pixelmator, which is one of the best photo editing applications on the iPad and Mac has received an update, and both new versions of the app come with a range of new features.

Pixelmator for Mac 3.3.1 brings pinch to zoom within a document window on your Mac, there are also a number of other new features, performance improvements and bug fixes on the app.

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Angry Birds Gets New Levels To Celebrate 5th Birthday (Video)

Angry Birds

Rovio has released an update to their original Angry Birds game, and the update brings a bunch of new levels to the game, the company are celebrating the 5th Birthday of the game.

Angry Birds launched five years ago today, and it has become one of the most popular mobile games of all time, the update is available as a free download for the game if you already own the game.

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Apple And IBM Launch New Business Apps

Apple and IBM

Apple and IBM announced a partnership a while back to develop applications design for businesses under IBM MobileFirst for iOS, and now Apple has announced the launch of the first apps.

IBM MobileFirst applications for iOS are delivered in a secure environment, and each of the apps can be customized to suit individual business needs.

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