Strati The Worlds First 3D Printed Car Created By Local Motors (video)

3D Printed Car

As the result of a 3D Printed Car Design Challenge run by Local Motors the crowd-source automotive firm a new 3D printed car has been created and driven at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2014 this month.

The process of creating the car using 3D printing technology took just 44 hours and the designer of the car Michele Anoé who won the Challenge launched by Local Motors was there to see his creation take form.

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DIY Google Cardboard VR Style Kit Now Available For $3.66

Google Cardboard VR

During this years Google I/O event back in June Google revealed an environmentally friendly DIY Google cardboard VR (virtual reality) device that allows you to view VR demonstrations and content using your Android smartphone device.

If you didn’t attend the Google 2014 developer event but would still like to get your hands on one of the cardboard virtual reality enclosures. You will be pleased to know that a similar device is now available to purchase from the Tiny Deal website for just $3.66 or £2.03 with shipping included.

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Moto 360 Smartwatch Receives 007 GoldenEye Interface Theme (video)

Moto 360 Smartwatch

Last week Motorola officially launched their new Moto 360 smartwatch that will be heading to Verizon Wireless, and AT&T in the US and has already sold out over on the official website after going on sale priced at $250.

Now the industrious developer has already created a new user interface in the style of the 007 GoldelenEye watchface used in the iconic GoldenEye game for the Nintendo 64. Check it out in the video after the jump.

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Look your best with the Selfie Brush

selfie brushYes, this Selfie Brush is a real thing and it pains me that humanity has brought this into existence. Now you can look your best when taking a selfie every time. Maybe give your hair a few quick brushstrokes and then snap that pic, knowing that you look perfect every in every shot.

This accessory called the Selfie Brush is basically a hair brush with a slot where you can attach your smartphone. You should never take a selfie with properly grooming first after all. I’m not sure many people would use this, but I know that some people would. Those people are mostly teen girls. And for those people I feel only sadness.
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iScent Atomizer Lets You Smell Your Ringtone (video)

iScent Atomizer

Over the years we have featured some weird and wonderful creations here on Geeky Gadgets, adding to the ever-growing list is the iScent Atomizer which has been designed to allow you to smell your ringtone.

The iScent Atomizer, connects to your device using Bluetooth 4.0 and will spray a scent into the air with your ringtone or music. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the iScent project and see it in action.

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First Action Comic Printed In 1938 Sells For Over $3 Million (video)

First Action Comic

At auction this week a copy of the very first action comic printed by Action Comics back in 1938, has been sold for an impressive $3,207,852.00 via an eBay auction.

The first comic by Action Comics is regarded as the “Holy Grail” of comic books, the one up for auction is believed to be one of as few as 50 unrestored original copies of Action Comics #1 still in existence.

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Real-Time Face Tracking And Projection Mapping Demonstrated (video)

Face Tracking

A new demonstration video has been released this week that provides a glimpse at what can be achieved using real-time face tracking and projection mapping.

The very surreal video demonstrates how projection mapping technology can be used with real-time face tracking to change the appearance of a person face instantaneously, adding a variety of different special effects to the skin. Check out the video after the jump for a demonstration of what can be achieved.

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Tokyoflash Kisai Radio Active Watch (Video)

Tokyoflash Kisai Radio Active

Tokyoflash has launched their latest geeky watch, the Tokyoflash Kisai Radio Active watch, and as usual it comes with a geeky design, and a different way to tell the time than your average watch.

The Tokyoflash Kisai Radio Active watch comes with a stainless steel case and strap, it features a mineral crystal display, and it can be recharged via USB in just 3.5 hours, the built in battery will give you up to a months usage.

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New Star Wars Storm Trooper Helmet Design Leaked

trooperEveryone is waiting for more info about the upcoming Star Wars movie, Episode VII. We still have a long way to go until we are sitting in theaters watching it, but until then we take what news we can get.

The J. J. Abrams directed Star Wars Episode VII will take place in the future and that apparently means we will see a brand new Storm Trooper helmet design this time around. I’m not sure I think it is a good design. Take this info with a grain of salt even though this info is considered “very reliable information”.
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First HP Calculator Watch Prototype Available To Purchase For $14,500

calculator watch

Anyone who enjoys retro technology is sure to like this very first HP calculator watch prototype which is now available to purchase over on the eBay auction website at a ‘buy it now’ price of

According to the eBay seller the HP-01 calculator watch is a prototype of the very first wrist calculator watch to be created by HP back in 1977, and cost $600 when it launched 37 years ago

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swivelCard USB Smart Business Cards Can Be Updated After Hand Out (video)

Smart Business Cards

Even in this digital age Andrew DePaula feels that businesses and professionals will still need to hand out business cards during meetings, conferences and events. But rather than using a traditional business card he has created the swivelCard a smart business card that transforms into a USB device.

Watch the video after the jump to learn more about this innovative smart business card that includes analytics and can even be updated after it has been given out.

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