Awesome Paper Star Wars, Robots And Spaceship Models

Star Wars Models

Model makers are sure to appreciate the skills and intricacy that have been used to create these awesome paper Star Wars and spaceship models that have been created by a Japanese craftsman.

The paper models are perfect replicas of science-fiction spaceships, robots as well as lunar lander’s including X-Wing, TIE Interceptor, Viper Mk2, 2001’s Orion and many more.

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Homer Simpson’s Electric Hammer Created In Real Life (video)

Electric Hammer

Simpsons fans may remember the classic episode when Homer creates an electric hammer to start his career as an inventor, in the episode entitled “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace”, first released back in October 1998.

Now Patrick Priebe industrious maker and fan of the Simpsons cartoons has created a working replica of the original cartoon electric hammer that was created by Homer in that episode.

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Huge 3D Printed Rolex Homage Watch Published On Thingiverse

Huge 3D Printed Rolex

If you own a 3D printer and would like to create a new bedside clock that takes the form of the iconic Rolex. This fully functioning huge 3D printed Rolex clock might be worth downloading from Thingiverse.

The 3D printed Rolex has been created by Thingiverse user Francfalco and includes roughly 131 individual parts, that will take you over 30 hours to print out in full and requires 50 meters of 3D printer filament to create the desktop clock.

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Nintendo Power Glove Transformed Into Stop-Motion Film Controller (video)

Nintendo Power Glove

First released originally back in 1989 the Nintendo Power Glove was a controller accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System and crated by Mattel. But unfortunately was not well received when it launched, due to its imprecise and difficult-to-use controls.

However that has not stopped stop motion film creator and animator Dillon Markey using the funky device to create a very unique yet extremely functional stop motion film controller.

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Delsey Pluggage Smart Luggage Weighs Itself, Forecasts The Weather And More (video)

Delsey Pluggage

Luggage manufacturer Delsey is adopting a new approach while designing its next range of smart luggage, and is allowing its customers and visitors to its website to help design its new range of smart luggage named Delsey Pluggage.

Delsey has created a new website where visitors can vote on the features they would like to see included in the final release of the Delsey Pluggage once it goes into manufacture.

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iPhone 6 Trick Cover Case Allows You To Do Butterfly Knife Style Moves (video)

iPhone 6 Trick Cover Case

iPhone 6 owners that would like to open their protective cases in a little more style, are sure to enjoy this new iPhone 6 Trick Cover case that has been specifically designed for both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphone devices.

The Trick Cover allows owners to access their smartphones in style using a combination of butterfly knife style moves to reveal and then again close and protect their smartphone screen. Watch the video below to see the awesome moves in motion.

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Indi Robotic Smartphone Dock Uses Arms To Notify You (video)

Indi Robotic Smartphone Dock

There are plenty of smartphone docks available to purchase to help charge and present your smartphone screen for easy reading when notification arrive. But all these are very boring when you compare it to Indi, a robotic smartphone dock created by Billy Wood based in the UK.

The Indi robotic smartphone dock has been created to equip your smartphone with a pair of robotic arms that the dock uses to communicate different notifications to its owner as they arrive.

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DayZ Fan Made Live Action Short Film (video)

dayz fan film

This week DayZ creator Dean Hall who has now left the DayZ development team for new horizons, has shared a new fan made DayZ film that has been created by French team Eternum Pictures.

Possible death is never far away in the DayZ game and Eternum Pictures portray this very well in their short three-minute fan made film that sums up the games survival theme in a very atmospheric way.

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Doom Demonstrated Running On Tiny Intel Edison Mini PC (video)

Intel Edison

The tiny Intel Edison development platform started shipping during September of last year and provides makers, developers and hobbyists with a Dual-Core Silvermont Atom @ 500MHz + Quark @ 100MHz processor supported by 1GB LPDDR3 RAM.

The Intel Edison module retails for around $50 with breakout board kits available as well as an Arduino kit priced at $60 and $85 respectively.

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LookSee E-Ink Smart Bracelet Holds Its Image For Up To A Year (video)

LookSee E-Ink Smart Bracelet

Anyone who enjoys combining fashion with technology might be interested in a new E-Ink smart bracelet that has been unveiled at this year’s CES 2015 technology show called the LookSee.

LookSee has been designed to link via Bluetooth to a companion application on your smartphone or tablet and enable the user to select from either hundreds of preloaded photos and patterns or create their very own which can then be uploaded to the bracelet to create a very unique pattern.

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