Wunderlist 2 Native Apps Launch For Android, Windows, iOS And Mac

6wunderkinder has today announced the launch of their new Wunderlist 2 native apps for Android, Windows, iOS and Mac, moving away from their HTML 5 coding.

Whilst redesigning their Wunderlist 2 to-do list the development team paid particular attention to including requests from 3 million current users who are already enjoying the service. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Wunderlist 2 to-do app and see it in action.

Wunderlist 2

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PhoneSuit Power Core Micro Pocket Battery Pack

If you are looking for a compact solution to carrying moire juice with your to make sure your gadgets and smartphones are available whilst you are away from the grid.

You might be interested in the new PhoneSuit Power Core Micro battery pack which has been launched this month. The pocket sized Power Core Micro is about half the size of a typical smartphone, but can provide up to 200% extra power to the device, from its 3500mAh battery.

PhoneSuit Power Core Micro

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Minecraft: The Story of Mojang, Documentary Premiering On Xbox Live Dec 22nd

Anyone interested in the rise of Mojang the creators or Minecraft, might be interested to learn that a new documentary created by 2 Player Productions, will premiere on Saturday, December 22nd 2012.

The new Minecraft: The Story of Mojang documentary will be available on Xbox Live for Gold members in the US, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, France, Finland and Sweden, and was funded by a Kickstarter project raising $210,000.

Minecraft The Story of Mojang

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Bitcasa ‘Infinite Storage’ Service Android And Windows 8 Apps Launch

Bitcasa the new start-up that is offering users ‘Infinite Storage’ has today launched  new Android and Windows 8 / RT applications enabling users of its service to stream content including music, videos, photos, documents and from its ‘Bitcasa Infinite Drive’.

Bitcasa has already previously launched desktop apps and a Chrome browser extension to users, but the new addition will help Bitcasa spread to new devices and users.

Bitcasa Infinite Storage

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Blackberry 10 Screenshots Leaked

Earlier today we discovered that RIM is expected to announce its new BlackBerry 10 release date  on January 30th 2013, with BlackBerry 10 devices being available shortly after.

Now images have leaked ahead of RIM’s announcement providing us with a glimpse of what we can expect from the new BlackBerry 10 operating system.

Blackberry 10 Screenshots

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Tumblr Android App Receives New User Interface And Tablet Support

Tumblr has rolled out a new update for their Android application this week which has brought with it support for tablet devices together with a number of new tweak and fixes.

As well as a completely re-designed user interface, and revised Tags page, together with a new Following screen, allowing you to now view the people you follow in alphabetical order.


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Raspberry Pi And Siri Combined To Create DIY Voice Controlled Garage Door Opener (video)

We have featured an number of projects here on Geeky Gadgets over the years which have incorporated the awesome Raspberry Pi Mini PC since its launch.

But this latest project has also taken the services of Apple’s personal assistant Siri and combined her voice recognition to create a voice controlled garage door opener. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Raspberry Pi And Siri garage opener project and see it in action.


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Trygger Clip iPhone 5 Polarizing Filter (video)

A new iPhone 5 accessory has landed on Kickstarter this week in the form of the new Trygger Camera Clip which is fitted with a polarizing filter to block noisy light allowing you to take even more professional photographs.

When you use the Trygger the Camera Clip with your iPhone it helps cut out the glare from your photos and unwanted reflections, allowing yout photos to look more like the image you would see with your eyes. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action and learn more.

iPhone 5 Trygger Camera Clip

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W3C Release First Complete HTML5 Specifications

Anyone who is involved in create web applications or websites will be interested to learn that the W3C has this week released their first draft for HTML 5.1 and Canvas Level 2.

Although HTML 5, Canvas are far from being final, they were pushed into candidate status yesterday on December 17th, and the specifications are now feature complete, meaning businesses and developers have a stable target for implementation and planning.


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Project Godus Prototype Video Unveiled By Molyneux’s 22cans (video)

In a last effort to raise the the required funds for its Kickstarter project, Molyneux’s 22cans development team have released a new video of their Godus game, providing a glimpse of the gameplay you can expect from the final game.

Currently the project is $86,000 shy of its required $450,000 pledge goal which is required to take the game from concept to production.  Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Godus project and see it in action.


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AAXA LED Showtime 3D 720P Micro Projector

AAXA has unveiled a new addition to their range of projectors with the launch of their new LED Showtime 3D 720P Micro Projector, fitted with both HDMI and VGA conections.

The LED Showtime 3D 720P Micro Projector is equipped with next generation LED projection technology combined with a high resolution 1280 x 800 DLP imager.

AAXA LED Showtime 3D 720P Micro Projector

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