Adidas Smart Run Fitness Tracker Firmware Update Enables Export, Long Battery Life And More

Owners of the Adidas Smart Run fitness tracker or those of you that might be considering purchasing the Adidas Smart Run watch to help with your New Year fitness regime.

Will be pleased to learn that Adidas has today released a new firmware update for their Adidas Smart Run fitness tracker watch, that corrects a number of the small issues that might have put you off or caused you problems whilst in use.

Adidas Smart Run

The latest Adidas Smart Run firmware update addressees the inability for users to export their map or run data from either the Adidas Smart Run watch or the companion miCoach website. As well as improving the battery life of the Adidas Smart Run for users to enjoy a longer use between charges.

Adidas Smart Run

Together with activating the previously unavailable Marathon Mode and increasing the volume limit on the device. Simon Drabble, Adidas’ director for miCoach explained :

“Today, we allow for the simple export of a .gpx file where a workout is recorded with GPS. The next step will be to allow platform to platform connectivity for data to be ported from miCoach to other existing communities and vice versa. Ultimately, it is no secret that we are targeting an open API in the not too distant future.”

For more information on the new firmware updates to the Adidas Smart Run fitness tracker jump over to the Adidas website for details and to purchase.

Source: Engadget

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