xBounds Brings HDMI Mirroring To Android Smartphones (video)

During the DroidCon event in Amsterdam this week Dream Chip Technologies have introduced their new xBounds wireless display mirroring system for Android. Which has been designed to allow you to connect Android smartphones through regular WiFi to HDTVs, monitors and projectors.

The new xBounds systems brings true wireless display mirroring to Android and can be seen in action after the jump in a demonstration video.

Dream Chip Technologies xBound

Dream Chip Technologies explains:

“xBounds connects the Android phone e.g. over WiFi IEEE802.11 to the tiny xBounds RemoteGPU and mirrors unchanged Android Apps, including fast interactive 3D Games, wirelessly to an HD TV. We use a standard TCP/IP network. No cables and no additional HW in the phone is needed to enable low latency gaming on HD TV.”

Al Sutton, a UK-based Android developer, explained via a Tweet that the Xbounds dev kit (including a Nexus S) will be priced at €998 around $1,344, while the consumer kit will come to market at €99 (about $134).

Source: Slashgear : DroidCon

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