Windows 8 Running On Original Microsoft 40 Inch Surface Coffee Table (video)

Anyone who wondered what Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system would look like on the original touchscreen Surface devices released by Microsoft long before their tablet devices where announced, will be interested in the video after the break.

Microsoft’s original surface touchscreen devices was a massive 40 inch display running a bespoke version of Windows 7. Now YouTube user “slymick” has loaded Windows 8 on to an old style Surface and created a quick demonstration video showing it in action, check it out after the break.

Windows 8 Surface

The Windows 8 operating system is running smoothly on Slymick’s 40 inch Surface coffee table system and shows what can be achieved with the touch gestures included in the new Windows 8 operating system that officially launched on October 26th 2012.

Source: Gizmodo

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