WaveJet Big Wave Motorised Surfboards (video)

Surfers looking for a slightly different twist on the traditional surfboard, might be interested in the WaveJet a motorised surfboard which has been specifically deigned for big wave riding by Steve Walden. WaveJet surfboards have been designed to assist surfers in paddling out, catching more waves, connecting sections and surfing into big waves without a tow in.

The WaveJet surfboard is fitted with a WaveJet PWP pod, which uses miniaturised water jet drive technology, and pushes the board along at around 8 to 10 knots on still water. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.


The WaveJet is powered by an integrated twin lithium ion battery pack capable of 20 pounds of thrust and a continuous run-time of over 30 minutes. The WaveJet PWP pod which provides the propulsion can also be fitted with kayaks, rescue boards, kite boards, scuba gear, and light boats. Creator Steve Walden, President of Walden Surfboards explains:

“WaveJet’s propulsion drive will dramatically enhance when, where and how we surf due to conditions and location”-“WaveJet’s PWP is really amazing, it is an assist system that allows you to catch more waves and get extra speed thru sections. It gives you the energy you need to paddle distances, catch more waves or just simply get back to the beach. Think of PWP as a power pack for your ride.”

Surfboards equipped with the WaveJet PWP can now be pre-ordered direct from Wavejet.

Source: WaveJet : Gizmag

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