Ubuntu Phone OS Community Asked To Help Create 12 Default Ubuntu Phone Apps

To help build default Ubuntu Phone OS applications Canonical is looking to its community of developers to assist in the creation of 12 application that will play a huge roll in the new Ubuntu phone operating system.

The 12 new Ubuntu Phone OS apps include 8 traditional applications and 4 Social applications, tat will ship as default apps with Ubuntu smartphones.

Ubuntu phone OS

In the past Canonical has been criticised for an alleged ”closed doors” approach to development, but is now looking to change this and open the development of core application to its community of followers, for its new Ubuntu Phone OS.

“Recently we announced the Ubuntu Phone OS and as part of the phone platform we are inviting our community to participate in building the core set of apps that will ship with the phone. This provides a fantastic opportunity to create software that could run on millions of handsets! We have already reached out to our community for programming volunteers (we did this on the launch day) and we are also inviting design suggestions for the apps.”

For more information on the new Ubuntu Phone apps jump over to the Ubuntu Wiki website for details.

Source: OMG Ubuntu

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