Triggertrap Allows You To Trigger Your Camera Shutter In A Multitude Of Ways (video)

Some of you might remember the new device called Triggertrap we featured back in June. That was being created to enable you to trigger your camera shutter in any number of different ways. Well this week the new Triggertrap device has made the jump from concept to production and its developers are now taking pre-orders.

To recap Triggertrap is an Arduino powered device designed by Ziah Fogel & Haje Jan Kamps. Which and can be triggered in a number of ways either by sound, by breaking a laser beam, time or any other method you can think of using its built in a Aux port. Watch the video after the jump to see the Triggertrap in action.


The TriggerTrap is available in two versions a ready made one for $125, together with a customisable ‘shield’ model which is priced at $75. For more information on this great little device, jump over to the Triggertrap website.


Source: Triggertrap

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