Trendnet TEW-714TRU Wireless Travel Router Makes Wireless Networking on the Go Easy

Trendnet has announced a new wireless travel router designed to make it easier for mobile professionals to set up a wireless network while on the road. The device is designed to share a single Internet connection with multiple users and is called the TEW-714TRU.


The router has a pair of USB ports with one being designed specifically for charging portable devices such as smartphones. The other USB port is designed to allow for file sharing by plugging in an external storage device.

The router ships with a plug kit allowing it to work in the US, UK, and Europe. The router supports network security and features a one-touch WPS button. The router supports up to 802.11n wireless transfer speeds and can be used as a repeater to help expand existing wireless networks. The router will be available this month for $59.99.

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