TomTom Rider GPS for Motorcyclists Launches

TomTom has announced the launch of the new GPS device specifically for motorcycle riders called the TomTom Rider. Not only is the device packaged in a form factor with mounting options for motorcycles, but it also has key features that motorcyclists will appreciate. The most interesting in those features is the ability for a rider to choose options such as the fastest route or the most scenic route.


The ability to choose a scenic route is great for motorcycle riders who are just out to cruise on a sunny day. The device has a 4.3-inch screen that can be controlled while wearing gloves. The device is also designed for any conditions including rain or bright sunlight. It also features a charging dock that turns the device on or off with the ignition of the motorcycle.

Another the interesting feature specifically for motorcyclists is the ability to choose Winding Roads offering riders routes with lots of turns for an exciting ride. Directions can also be shared with other riders via Bluetooth and the device comes with free lifetime map updates. The device will be available this spring for $299.

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