The Self Weighing Suitcase

When you go on holidays, one of the things that is bound to happen is that your suitcase is slightly overweight and you end up getting charged an extortionate amount by the airline for being slightly overweight.

There are gadgets out there that will weigh your suitcase for you and let you know whether you are over your limit, now a company called Expert Verdict has come up with an even better solution, a suitcase that will actually weigh itself.

The Self Weighing Suitcase

The Self Weighing Suitcase features a built in LCD display located near the handle, when you want to weigh the case you just press a button and it will automatically let you know how much the case and its contents weighs.

This certainly seems like it could be really handy, as I always forget to take my suitcase weighing gadget with me, and it could end up saving you a few dollars on your next holiday.

via Gizmag

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