Steampunk Eye-Pod “Two Point, OH!” (Video)

Some of our readers will remember the Steampunk Eye-Pod that we featured on the site back in 2009, it was made by Dr Grymm, and now he has just finished his second generation Eye Pod, or as he calls it the Eye-Pod “Two Point, OH!”.

Steampunk Eye Pod

This version has a full size 7th Generation iPod that can be controlled through the eyeball scroll wheel. The case also has a flip up magnifier and braided cloth cords. The docking station has a USB charging cord and speakers which emit sound through two brass horns. Electrical effects and color changing quartz crystal bring this monster to life! The case will fit and control any classic eyepod without any damage or manipulation to the device. The contraption stands 1′ tall and is completely portable.

You can find out more information about the Steampunk Eye-Pod “Two Point, OH!” over at DR Grymm Laboritories.


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  • GregMcMahan

    I love this whimsical and silly aspect of steampunk! The background sound/music for this video fit perfectly.