Solar Cookup200 Sun Roaster Burns Barbecue Chicken Without Remorse (Video)

You can also call it a glittering bowl of death. Not that it can incinerate innocent people who happen to be passing by your yard, but it does spell ‘well done’ on unsuspecting meat sacrificed for the good of all. The Cookup200 is quite a popular brand in France and has since expanded overseas.


This reminds us of another device featured long ago here at Geeky Gadgets. What was it again? Oh yes, a death ray.

That was some badass mad science right there. Back to cooking! The Cookup200 is a lot more benign, however, being the heftier sibling in a family of cooking products sold by idCook. It works by placing the meat or vegetables on the small tray at its center. Its solar panels are arranged in a bowl to focus the heat.

Not sure if it’s wise to stick your hand into the solar-fired cauldron though. The whole line the Cookup200 belongs to religiously upholds values such as eco-friendliness, portability, and a lightweight build. The Cookup200 itself doesn’t look like an appliance built in a production line.

The accompanying product literature suggests the Cookup200 has what it takes to prepare meat for general consumption. There’s no other indication of the energy it brings to bear. Must it be taken on blind faith?

Let’s dig for evidence then.

Great Scott! A video!

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