Samsung Galaxy S4 Design To Feature Plastic Casing

We have heard a number of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S4 over the last few weeks, although we have not really heard much about the handsets Samsung Galaxy S4 design, and now we have some more information on the Galaxy S4.

According to a recent report by Cnet, the Samsung Galaxy S4 design will feature a plastic casing like the one on the back of the current Galaxy S3, the news comes from Samsung’s Y.H. Lee, who is executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile division. Samsung Galaxy S4

Lee explained to Cnet that when Samsung look at material used in devices, the just don’t look at the design, but also at how quickly and efficiently the device can be manufactured and also the durability of the materials.

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S4 will also feature a removable back cover so that the battery on the handset can easily be replaced, and Samsung have also said that the plastic back cover on the handset is more durable than other smartphones as it can bend and absorb impact better than other materials.

Manufacturers like Apple with their iPhone and HTC with their new HTC One are using premium materials for the devices, where as Samsung has decided to use plastic for the device, although we suspect that this will not have much of an impact on the sales of the Galaxy S4 as it will be the handsets new features that will set it apart from the competition.

We have just over a week now to wait until the Samsung Galaxy S4 is announced, it will be announced on Thursday the 14th of March at a Samsung Unpacked event in New York, the event will also be live steamed in Times Square and on You Tube.

We are expecting the Samsung Galaxy S4 to go on sale in April around the world, with a rumored launch date of between the 15th and 22nd of April, we should have more details on the device next week.

Source Cnet

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