Philips HF3490 Light Alarm with iPod/iPhone Dock

If you like to be woken gently in the morning by the rising Sun you can now use the Philips HF3490 Wake-up Light Alarm to recreate the sensation any time day or night. The Light Alarm gradually increases the light in your room to gently awake you from slumber you can even choose from four nature sounds to help gently ease you into the day. However if you need a bit more of a shake in the morning to get in bed you can plug in your iPhone and listen to your favourite tunes or use the built-in FM radio.

Gradually wakes you up by light for a more pleasant feeling
20 different brightness settings allows you to use as a bedside lamp
Detachable dock to charge your iPod/iPhone and play your favorite music
Optional FM radio, 4 nature sounds
Dusk simulation helps you drift to sleep by gradually dimming light and sound

Available to pre-order from Amazon for $199.99

Via Hardware Sphere

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