Parallels Desktop 8 Update With Windows 8 Gesture Support And More

Parallels have this week launched a new updated version of the Parallels 8 Desktop software of Mac systems that allows you to run Microsoft Windows 8 and Mac applications simultaneously on a Mac system without the need to reboot.

If you haven’t already experienced using Parallels is a great piece of software that allows you to benefit from both operating systems and run Windows only applications directly from your Mac desktop or notebook.

Parallels Desktop 8

The new version of Parallels Desktop 8 has been updated with support for Microsoft Windows 8 gestures together with Windows 8 Live Tile feature. The latest Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac costs $80 and is now available to download from the Parallels website.

“People don’t need to make an either/or choice between Mac and Windows because Macs running Parallels Desktop 8 empower people to simultaneously use applications that best suit their needs – regardless of whether it’s an app for OS X, Windows, Google Chrome OS, Ubuntu, or even Android”

Source: Parallels

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