Netflix Generates 35 Percent Of All US Internet Traffic At Peak Times

Netflix US traffic

It has been revealed this week in a new report from Sandvine called the Global Internet Phenomena Report, that Netflix the streaming film and TV series provider generates over 35% of all US Internet traffic.

Netflix leads other services such as Amazon Instant Video and HBO by a huge margin but Amazon Instant Video is growing and has its sights sets firmly on that first position so it will be interesting to see the next report for comparison.

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Oculus Rift StockCity App Lets You View Your Stocks In Virtual Reality (video)

Oculus Rift

Fidelity Labs, the Research and Development think-tank inside Fidelity Investments has this week unveiled a new virtual reality application called StockCity, the team has created using the awesome Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and VR environment and allows you to see your stocks in a virtual environment.

The new StockCity Oculus Rift application allows you to fly around a virtual skyscraper city, where the height and colour of the skyscrapers reflect the performance of your stocks. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action and learn more about this unique virtual reality application.

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Pebble Smartwatch Update Adds Multi-language Notifications And More

Pebble Smartwatch

Following on from the addition of of PayPal support on the Pebble smartwatch earlier this month, its developers have this week released a new firmware update that brings with it Multi-language Notifications and more.

The latest Pebble smartwatch firmware version 2.8 brings with it full character support for the broadest set of languages to date says Pebble allowing users to see notification is their own language without charter errors.

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Moleskine Smart Notebook And iOS App Transform Sketches Into Vectors (video)


Moleskine and Adobe have teamed-up to create a new Moleskine Smart Notebook and companion application that allows users to easily convert sketches into vector images.

The Moleskine Smart Notebook combines with than iOS app and Adobe’s Creative Cloud to take your ideas from paper to vector artwork in an instant. Watch the video after the jump to see how it works.

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Google and Rockstar to end dispute


Rockstar is a tech consortium comprised of companies like Apple, BlackBerry, Ericsson, Microsoft, and Sony. The rockstars of the tech world if you will. The consortium was originally formed to purchase Nortel’s patents when they declared bankruptcy, but in 2013, the consortium also decided to use the patents they bought to go after Google for alleged patent infringement.

Of course Google wasn’t thrilled about this and though these kinds of things would normally be long and drawn out legal battles, it looks like it might be over already. That is because according to a recent filing submitted to the US District Court of the Eastern District of Texas, Google and the Rockstar Consortium have agreed to settle their dispute. The details have not been made known to the public, which is not surprising. Those details may leak out eventually.
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Google Contributor lets you pay to remove ads from select websites

google hqGoogle has launched a new and very experimental service they are calling Contributor. It basically allows people to pay to remove ads from participating websites. At the service’s portal, visitors can pick which sites they want to contribute to, and whether to donate $1, $2, or $3 per month. Once a subscription goes active, visiting those sites will display thank-you messages and/or pixel patterns instead of the ads they don’t like.

This might be an interesting solution to users not liking ads, even though the site has to bring in some revenue. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
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Motorola Offering Extended Warranty for the Google Nexus 6

Google Nexus 6

Customers who have purchased the Google Nexus 6 from Motorola can also purchase extended warranty for the phablet from accidental damage and extended mechanical coverage for two years.

The plans costs $129.99, and gives customers a piece of mind if they accidentally damage their device. At the moment, this is only for the handsets purchased through Motorola so those who placed their orders via Google Play or other carriers are out of luck.

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Mini Citysurfer Concept Electric Scooter Announced

Mini Citysurfer

Rather than unveiling a new car at the LA Auto Show Mini has taken the wraps off something different, an electric scooter called the Mini Citysurfer Concept.

The Mini Citysurfer Concept will come with a range of between ten to fifteen miles and it will have a top speed of 15 MPH, it features a lithium ion battery which is built into the frame and it can be charge from either a standard socket or the 12V socket in your car.

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