3FXtrud High Resolution Dual And Single Extruder 3D Printers Unveiled (video)

3FXtrud High Resolution 3D Printers

Bogdan Diaconescu has created a new range of 3D printers called 3FXtrud, that are capable of printing high resolution pieces using multi-material feeds and equipped with advanced features and capable of printing FDA approved materials.

There are two printers in the 3FXtrud range, the 3FXtrud 20 Uno and the 3FXtrud 25 Duo. As the names suggest the 3FXtrud 20 Uno is a single extruder 3D printer while the 25 Duo is a dual extruder system.

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Razer Forge TV Game Console Now Available To Pre-Order From $100


Earlier this month the Razer Forge TV bundle with a controller was made available to pre-order priced at $150, now Razer has made available just the Razer Forge TV set-top box for $100 without the controller.

Razer Forge TV games console hardware that was unveiled earlier this year during the CES 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where it won Best of CES awards and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor supported by 2GB of RAM and is fitted with 16GB of RAM.

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Elite Dangerous Powerplay Update Brings A Wealth Of New Gameplay Features


The awesome Elite Dangerous space trading and combat game that launched after a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised its developers Frontier Developments, a massive £1,578,316 thanks to over 26,000 backers.

Will soon be releasing the third major content update to the Elite Dangerous game that will coincided with the highly anticipated launch of the game on to the Mac and Xbox One platforms.
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Huawei P8 Sold Out In One Day

Huawei P8

The new Huawei P8 smartphone recently went up for sale in China and the handset sold out quickly on launch day.

The handset was sold through the company’s online store in China and the device retailed for CNY 3,588 which is around $580 at the current exchange rate.

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Oak WiFi Arduino Development Board Unveiled By Digistump (video)

Oak WiFi Arduino Development Board

Anyone who enjoys building electronic projects using the Arduino platform may be interested in a new tiny wireless Arduino development board called Oak, that has been created by Erik Kettenburg from Digistump.

Oak is an Arduino compatible cloud enabled wireless dev board, that provides users with a 32-bit microprocessor that can be programmed wirelessly together with a REST API data cloud.

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New iPod Touch May Launch This Year (Rumor)

iPod Touch

Apple has not released a new version of the iPod Touch in the last three years, the latest model was first introduced in 2012 and all further models since then have had the same design.

According to a recent report, Apple are expected to release a new version of their iPod Touch this year.

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