Microsoft Lumia 735 Selfie Smartphone Up For Pre-order

Microsoft Lumia 735

As well as the Lumia 830, Microsoft announced another new Windows Phone handset at IFA, the Microsoft Lumia 735, which the company described as a Selfie smartphone.

The unlocked version of the Microsoft Lumia 735 smartphone is now available to pre-order in the UK, the handset is available for £224.98 SIM free including taxes.

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Unlocked Microsoft Lumia 830 Up For Pre-order In The UK

Microsoft Lumia 830

The new Microsoft Lumia 830 smartphone was announced at IFA earlier this month, the handset is now available to pre-order in the UK and it will go on sale on the 1st of October.

UK retailer Unlocked Mobiles is now taking pre-orders on the Microsoft Lumia 830, the device will set you back £304.98 including taxes, this is the unlocked price for the device without a contract.

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Netflix Linux Native Playback Support Arriving Very Soon Via HTML5

Netflix Linux

Linux users that have been patiently waiting for the arrival of support from Netflix for native playback, will be pleased to know that Paul Adolph from Netflix reached out to Ubuntu developers to explain the current situation of the Netflix Linux support

Previously Linux users have been able to work around the restrictions of the Netflix service using a variety of hacks. But the new support for Netflix on the Linux operating system using HTML5 will make it much easier Netflix to be adopted by Linux users.

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EE Buys 58 Phones 4U Stores In The UK

Phones 4U

Last week it was announced that UK mobile retailer Phones 4U would go into administration, and that 5,600 of the companies staff were going to lose their jobs.

The company went out of business because both Vodafone and EE decided to cancel their contract with the company, which meant that they no longer had any mobile phones or contracts to offer to customers.

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DUO Light Hybrid Arduino And Raspberry Pi Mini PC Unveiled (video)

DUO Light

Developers and makers that are looking for an inexpensive single board mini PC that is capable of connecting to a composite video monitor, keyboard, and SD card. Might be interested in the DUO Light which has been created by Jack Eisenmann and takes the form of a hybrid Arduino UNO and the Raspberry Pi system.

The DUO Light mini PC has been specifically created for hobbyists to build software projects and is a low-power system that is capable of video output and receiving keyboard inputs.

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The Origami Portable Laser Cutter With Fold Out Arm Unveiled (video)

Portable Laser Cutter

A new portable laser cutter has been created by Red Ant Lasers based in Pittsburgh called the Origami, which has been designed to be the very first laser cutter with a fold-out arm and no limiting enclosure.

Enabling users to cut using a laser almost anywhere they wish with a completely portable laser cutter solution for just $4,200. Check out the video after the jump to learn more about this unique laser cutting machine.

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Every Apple iPhone Model Speed Tested On Video

apple iphone

The first iPhone was launched back in 2007, and since then Apple has released a total of 10 different models of the iPhone, this includes the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models that launched last Friday.

If you are wondering how things have changed since the iPhone 2G was launched back in 2007, we have a video from Everything Apple Pro, comparing the handsets side by side.

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New Oculus Rift Crescent Bay Virtual Reality Headset Prototype Unveiled

Oculus Rift Crescent Bay

Over the weekend during a keynote speech at Oculus Connect, Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe unveiled to the world the latest virtual reality headset in the form of the Oculus Rift Crescent Bay VR device. Who explained “[Cresent Bay] is as massive a leap as we made from DK1 to DK2,”-“This prototype shows the quality, the features, the presence we need to deliver consumer VR.”

The new Oculus Rift Crescent Bay virtual reality headset prototype is apparently approaching the holy grail of virtual reality presents say its creators. Unfortunately though Oculus VR is not releasing any specifications for the new hardware at the current time.

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iPhone 6 vs Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (Video)

iPhone 6 vs Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

We have seen various videos featuring the new iPhone 6, and now we have one comparing the iPhone 6 vs Sony Xperia Z3 compact.

Both handsets feature similar display sizes, the iPhone 6 features a 4.7 inch display with a resolution of 1134 x 750 pixels, and the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact comes with a 4.6 inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

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Intel Wireless Charging Bowl Launching Before End Of Year

Intel Charging Bowl

Intel has this month announced that their new Intel Charging Bowl which was first mentioned earlier in the year, will soon be available to purchase and will be made available before the end of the year.

The new Intel Smart Wireless Charging Bowl measures 10 inches in diameter and will allow you to easily charge your mobile devices by simply placing them in a bowl.

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