Neptune Suite Android Based Wearable Hub Smartwatch And Hardware (video)

Neptune Suite Android Based Wearable Hub Smartwatch

With Apple gearing up to start taking preorders for its new smartwatch that is priced from $300 upwards, anyone who has now dismissed it due to the price or features may be interested in a new crowd funded smartwatch and range of hardware called the Neptune Suite and Hub.

The Neptune Suite Hub hardware is a wrist worn device that is powered by the Android operating system and has already raised nearly $1 million in just 11 days. View the video below for a quick explanation of how the wearable device and the Neptune Suite of additional hardware work together.

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DREAM-1 32-bit Microcontroller Chip Design For IoT And Wearables

DREAM-1 32-bit Microcontroller Chip

Makers, hobbyists and developers that enjoy creating wearable electronic projects or anything that is connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) may be interested in a new 32-bit microcontroller development board that has been created by DreamMICRO.

The eco-Inspired 32-bit microcontroller chip is called the DREAM-1 and has been specifically designed for wearable and IoT projects using minimal energy yet providing maximum speed.

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Latest BlackBerry Earnings Return The Company To Profit

John Chen

BlackBerry has announced its latest financial results and during a recent BlackBerry earnings call, the company’s CEO John Chen announced a profit for their latest financial quarter.

John Chen announced a profit of $0.04 per share, analysts had predicted that the company would announce a loss of -$0.04 per share, so things are looking up for the company.

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Broken Age Launches On PlayStation 4 And PS Vita April 28th 2015 (video)

Broken Age

Broken Age was originally funded by a record breaking crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and if your haven’t already enjoyed playing it and own a PlayStation next generation console or handheld device.

You will be please to know that Broken Age will be launching on the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on April 28th 2015 and thanks to a partnership with the PlayStation Third Party Production team will feature cross buy and cross save.

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Abode Home Security And Home Automation System (video)

Abode Home Security And Home Automation

If your home or apartment is in need of a new home security and home automation system a new Kickstarter campaign created by abode might be worth more investigation.

The team behind the new home automation and security system are hoping to raise $100,000 over the next 42 days to help take their new security system into manufacturing. Watch the video below to learn more about this complete security system and how it can be linked to your smartphone and mobile devices.

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Fantastical 2 For Mac Launches For £29.99 (video)

Fantastical 2 For Mac

I have been a long time users of the awesome Fantastical app both on my Mac and iOS mobile devices, and since its launch Fantastical has provided an indispensable menubar application.

This week the development team behind Fantastical have launched Fantastical 2 for Mac which has made the jump from the menu bar into a fully fledged Mac application without losing any of the convenience of the original menu bar application.

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Apple Watch Apps Land In The App Store

Apple Watch Apps

The Apple Watch will launch on the 24th of April and now a number of apps for Apple’s new smartwatch have started to turn up in the app store.

When the device was announced Apple revealed a number of third party apps developers that would be releasing apps for the Apple Watch.

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Google Nexus 6 Lands In Six More Countries via Google Play Store

Google Nexus 6

It’s been a few months since Google released the monstrous Nexus 6 in collaboration with Motorola. The handset is available in several countries across the globe through Google Play Store, and it seems the search engine giant has added a few more to the list.

Google Nexus 6 is now available for sale in six additional countries via Google Play Store, including Austria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, and Portugal.

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2016 Range Rover Sport HST gets upgraded engine


Range Rover Sport HST

Range Rover has added a new Range Rover Sport HST to the lineup that gets an updated supercharged V6 engine. The Sport HST will fit into the Range Rover Sport line above the base 340PS model and below the uprated 550PS model. It will slip between those two vehicles using a supercharged V6 producing 380PS.

The new addition gives Range Rover Sport buyers something to choose that has more power than the base model, but is more efficient than the top of the line version. The Sport HST will be available to purchase in limited markets including North America, China, Russia, and the Middle East. The HST has an updated exterior and other interior touches to set it apart.

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Pebble Time Raises Over $20 Million On Kickstarter With 15 More Hours To Go

Pebble Time

The original Pebble smartwatch started off on Kickstarter and managed to raise over $10 million in its funding campaign. The smartwatch also received its fair share of success, and the company later released a more good looking version of the wearable known as the Pebble Steel.

Not too long ago, the company once again went to Kickstarter to gather funds for their upcoming Pebble Time smartwatch. Surprisingly, it appears the Pebble Time smartwatch is even popular then its predecessor, raising over $20 million with 15 more hours to go before the campaign ends (at the time of writing this).

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