Orange CEO Says iPhone 5 Coming To France 15th Of October

According to the CEO of mobile operator Orange, Stéphane Richard, the iPhone 5 will launch in France on the 15th of October, and a recent interview with a TV channel in France, the Orange CEO let slip the 15th of October for the launch date of the iPhone 5 on the Orange network in France.

This isn’t the first time that the Orange CEO has let things slip about new Apple products, as he gave out some information about the original iPad before it launched, although some of the specifications he mentioned back then were incorrect.

iPhone 5 Concept

It isn’t clear whether the 15th of October date by the Orange CEO is just speculation, or if he has actually accidentally let slip he official launch date.

We are still expecting Apple to officially announced the iPhone 5 some time in September, and yesterday we heard that iOS 5 may land on the 10th of October, so the 15th for the iPhone 5 to go on sale doesn’t see that far fetched.

Source HardMac

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