Opera 12 Beta Now Available With 64-bit Support for Windows and Mac

Yesterday Opera rolled out their latest Opera browser release, allowing the public to take a look at and use their new Opera 12 beta version. Opera 12 brings with it a wealth of new features for users include more performance and stability. One of the major new features is the 64-bit support for Windows and Mac which now comes with Opera 12 beta.

Opera 12 Beta

Together with smooth and stable browsing, thanks to support for out-of-process plug-ins. As well as support for video cameras through device APIs, allowing web services such as photo applications and face tracking.

“Opera will now be able to use your computer’s graphics card for extra processing power in the form of hardware acceleration. This supercharged boost makes intensive web applications and games run even better. Learn how to enable WebGL and hardware acceleration.”

For more information on all the new features included with Opera 12 beta jump over to the Opera website.

Source: Opera

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