Nokia MD-12 Bluetooth Speaker Announced

Nokia recently announced its latest Windows Phone handsets, the Nokia Lumia 630 and Nokia Lumia 930, and now Nokia as announced a new accessory for its smartphones, the Nokia MD-12 Bluetooth speaker.

The Nokia MD-12 connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, according to Nokia it will give you up to 15 hours of music playback.

Nokia MD-12

Small speakers, portable or not, often miss the clout, especially in the bass department.

That’s about to change with the Nokia MD-12. With a built-in vibrating actuator located on the base, low frequencies (read: heavy bass) are created when placed on most surfaces, especially hard ones, delivering a surprising amount of bass for such a compact speaker- in fact, it’s rather fun experimenting with different surfaces.

This pocket-sized powerhouse can fill a room with sound and, when its rechargeable battery is fully juiced, offers 15 hours of playback, enough for your regular party. Well, the parties we go to, anyway.

Nokia MD-12

The Nokia MD-12 will be available in a range of different colors, which will include white, yellow, green and orange, it will retail for 39 Euros, you can find out more details over at Nokia at the link below.

Source Nokia

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