Motorola Talks About How The Moto 360 Smart Watch Was Designed

Motorola revealed the new Motorola Moto 360 the other day, the device is the company’s new smart watch, and one of the first smart watches we have seen that features a round display rather than a square or rectanuglar one.

Now the guys over at the Verge have been speaking to Motrola’s design chief, Jim Wicks, about how the device was designed.

Moto 360

“Every time you do one, no matter how awesome you might think it is, if it’s square, everyone’s just kind of like ‘ehhh…’ And you sit there and you think about making it a little bit thinner, or a little bit bigger, a little bit heavier — you work for all those things and you still get that kind of feeling. And then finally we realized we’re not going to break through that ceiling, even with our peers, if we can’t get out of the ‘eh’ zone.”

“We really focused on the watch face: let’s make that dial, so to speak, the hero. And we tried to reduce everything else to its purest form, so it’s the most iconic that it can be, but not to the point where it turns into a brown, Dieter Rams-like super-simplified kind of thing. It makes it very iconic in nature, but also has kind of an approachability and a softness with the body.”

The new Motorola Moto 360 will go on sale this summer, it certainly looks like a very interesting device from what we have seen so far.

Source The Verge, Gizmodo

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