Moto Stream Bluetooth Speaker Makes Any Speaker Wireless (video)

Moto Stream

Motorola has this week launched its new Moto Stream Bluetooth speaker adapter that transforms any speaker into a wireless one capable of receiving streaming audio.

Enabling users to stream music from any tablet, smartphone or computer of their choice from up to 300 feet away. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Moto Stream adapter and see it in action.

The Moto Stream is also equipped with a Heist Mode that allows up to five devices to control playback and it is compatible with all Bluetooth devices and requires no setup. Just simply tap to pair a compatible phone with Moto Stream using NFC.

The new Moto Stream wireless speaker adapter is now available to purchase for just $49.99 and comes supplied with a Micro USB wall charger and includes a 3.5mm to RCA connector. Motorola explains a little more:

“Link five devices simultaneously to any sound system and unite your home setup, without the tangle of wires. Smartphone, tablet, or computer—what you connect and how you use it is totally up to you.”

The Moto Stream Weighs just 100 g and measures Height 57 mm x Width 60 mm x Depth 69 mm in size. For more information on the new Moto Stream jump over to the Motorola website for details.

Source: Motorola

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