Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Price Dropped By Up To $200

Surface Pro 2

Last month Microsoft dropped the price of their Surface Pro 2 tablets in the UK by up to £150, and now the company is also reducing the price of these Windows tablets in the U.S. with savings of up to $200.

All models of the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablets have seen a price drop, the 64GB model which previously retails for $899 is now available for $799.

The 128GB version of the Surface Pro 2 previously retailed for $999, this model is now available to buy for $899, and getting larger price drops are the more expensive models with more storage.

The 256GB Microsoft Surface Pro tablet previously retailed for $1,299 this version of the tablet is now available for $1,099 and the 512GB model has also seen a $200 price drop to $1,599.

Microsoft is obviously hoping that these price drops will encourage people to buy the Surface Pro 2 tablet, last month the company announced their Windows tablet, the Microsoft Surface 3, and it comes with a larger display than the previous model.

It will be interesting to see if these price drops are enough to get people to buy the Surface tablets from Microsoft, the company has some work to do to catch up with the Apple iPad and also the various range of Android tablets, including Samsung’s popular models.

Source WPCentral

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