Microsoft Internet Explorer Drops To Fifty Percent Global Marketshare

Microsoft [MSFT] are hoping that their latest version of Internet Explorer, IE9 will boost their global usage numbers, as global usage of Internet Explorer has steadily been declining over the last few years.

According to research firm StatCounter, the Global usage of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has reached an all time low of 49.87 percent, in second place is Mozilla’s Firefox with 31.5 percent market share.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Drops To Fifty Percent Global MarketshareUsage of Google’s Chrome browser is growing , and it seems to have tripled from 3.69 percent in September 2009 to 11.54 percent in September 2010.

StatCounter via Engadget

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  • Andy the geek

    I know my guys have been pushing mozilla since forever, but I see a lot of home users that just don’t want to budge off of the IE platform. There’s almost a sort of brand allegiance like people have with cars and other types of products. It’s an “I like what I know” attitude.

    On the other hand, a lot of people do end up making the switch after some bug claims IE for its own and makes it useless.

    My one complaint about firefox is the timing of their updates. Having to wait for an update at launch when you’re trying to get online can just piss you right off. They could take a page from the AAOL book and do updates while clossing and people would be a lot happier 😛