Maximo iSpO2 Connects to the iPhone and Measures the Amount of Oxygen in Your Blood

If you’re the sort that always wants to know how your help is at any given time a new accessory for the iPhone has turned up that will let you see how much oxygen is in your blood. The device comes from a company called Masimo and is the iSpO2.


The device plugs into a 30-pin connector on the bottom of an iPhone or iPad and interfaces with a free app. While pulse oximetry technology is used in hospitals around the world to determine how much oxygen is in the blood of people who are sick, Masimo says this device isn’t for medical use. Instead, it’s suggesting the device for hikers, climbers, and pilots who want to know how much oxygen is in the blood at any given time.

The company has stated US FDA 510 (k) clearance is pending. Whether or not that means it will be appropriate for medical use after that approval is given is unknown. The device sells for about $250 and the app will store your readings and export them in various formats to share with other apps or your doctor.

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