MacBook Pocket Mirror Business Card Holder

Here is something fun for all the die hard Apple fans, a business card holder shaped like an Apple MacBook, and it comes in three different versions which include a MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

MacBook Pocket Mirror

MacBook Pocket Mirror Business Card Holder

As well as holding your business cards it also has a built in mirror, and it measures 65mm by 96mm by 11mm and they are available from Japan with prices starting at $26 up to $30 from Apple Mirror.

Cult of Mac

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  • alex

    this guy ripped off my idea and ignores me, even speaking Japanese! Twat

  • rabbit2575

    hi alex,

    just sue this guy – and possibly you can post your
    idea at things like or similar to get noticed
    world wide.

    cool stuff though!

  • Guest

    I used Google Chrome to translate the page, and I believe production has ceased on this product:

    “MOC CardCase will terminate production”