Macbook Air Gaming Upgrade Created Using External GPU (video)

Apple’s new MacBook Air might be a beautiful looking slim notebook but its gaming prowess is somewhat stunted by its graphics and slim design. However theres are solutions available if you would like to create a more powered gaming system using your MacBook Air.

Larry Gadea at the Tech Inferno forums has detailed a DIY Macbook Air gaming system using the Thunderbolt connection and an external GPU in the form of a PCI Express video card via a combination of two adapters. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Macbook Air Gaming

The Macbook Air gaming system is fairly cheap to setup and is easily removed from the MacBook Air when required making it perfect for mobile gaming using Boot Camp and Windows 7. Gadea explains:

“It has become very clear that gaming is not only high-performance, but super practical on an 11″ Macbook Air. There’s so much going against it: this hodgepodge of adapters, it has a low voltage CPU, disaster of wiring and exposed sensitive parts, crazy boot-time chainloading software, Intel killing companies producing adapters and products left right and center via legal threats, etc. but somehow, with the right parts and some patience, it works spectacularly. And is quite cheap too!”

For more information on how to create the Macbook Air gaming setup jump over to the Tech Inferno website for full details and the components you will require.

Source: Engadget : MacRumors : Tech Inferno

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