Life Size Hot Wheels Double Vertical Loop Track (video)

Anyone who has played with toys cars might remember the plastic Hot Wheels double vertical loop track which was available to purchase as an extra for your toy cars, and allowed you to send your speeding cars in a loop and out the other side.

Well Hot Wheels have now created a real-life size version of the toy, the double vertical loop track has been constructed in L.A and two drivers will race through the loops experiencing up to 7gs of force as they go through.

Life Size Hot Wheel Double Loop

Watch the videos below to see interviews with the drivers that are going to complete the race, and the loops in L.A. The stunt will need to be very calculated and the speed of the car will need to be correct other wise the cars could just drop from the vertical loop.

The event will take place in downtown Los Angeles on June 30. “The structure itself is just beautiful,” said McKay one of the drivers preparing to race “It’s going to be really exciting.”

Source: Wired

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