LG Says There Is No Problem With Nexus 4 Supply

When Google launched their Nexus 4 smartphone last year, the device was met by high demand, and it is currently shown as sold out on the Google Play Store, as soon as the device comes back in stock it sells out in a matter of hours.

According to LG there is no problem with the supply of the Nexus 4, and that production of the device is proceeding as planned, an LG official has been quoted as saying that Nexus 4 production is proceeding ‘without a hitch’.

Google Nexus 4

This does not tie in with what Google has been saying about the Nexus 4, and certainly does not tie in with the actual supply of the Nexus 4 as the device is constantly sold it.

It is not clear who is to blame for the lack of supply of the Google Nexus 4 handset, but it would appear that LG thinks the issue is not down to them, there are no details as yet on when the device will be back in stock at Google Play.

Source Phandroid

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