LG 84 Inch 4K Ultra Definition UHDTV Now Available To Pre-Order

LG first unveiled their awesome 84 inch ultra definition HDTV back in CES at the beginning of this year, and has today announced that pre-orders for the monster sized UHDTV are now being taken.

To recap the 84 inch LG UHDTV 84LM9600 provides a picture resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 UHDTV, but will retain a 1080p picture whilst users view 3D media using LG’s FPR Cinema 3D passive glasses technology.

LG UDHTV 84 Inch

The LG 84LM9600 is also equipped with Smart TV technology, allowing you to install apps and surf the Internet, together with 2.2 speaker setup.

Only 84 units of the LG UHDTV 84LM9600 are currently available in this production run, that will cost around $21,975 or around 25 million won, and LG are giving away 3D glasses and camcorders to any who pre-orders, apparently.

Source: Verge : Engadget

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