iPhone 5 To Be Exclusive To Sprint In $20 Billion Deal?

According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, Sprint has signed a deal with Apple which is reported to be worth $20 billion, and Sprint will carry the iPhone 5 exclusively.

The deal is reported to last until 2014, and this would see Sprint buying around 30 million iPhones from Apple until 2014, and the device will apparently be a 4G WiMax device exclusive to Sprint.

iPhone 5 Concept

According to the BGR, Sprint would carry the iPhone 5, whilst AT&T and Verizon would carry the iPhone 4S, which does seem a little strange considering that both carriers have sold millions of iPhones for Apple.

I guess we will find out later whether the iPhone 5 will be exclusive to Sprint, at the moment I think we can just take this as a rumor until we get some confirmation from Apple.

Personally I think it would be a mistake for Apple to limit the new iPhone 5 to just one carrier in the US, as Apple have been trying to expand to more and more carriers with each new version of the iPhone.

Source BGR

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