iPhone 5 Case Hints At Thinner Design

We have been hearing a number of rumors about the new iPhone 5 over the last few months, one of those is that it would feature a thinner design than the existing iPhone 4, we have also heard that it would feature a larger display.

Now the guys over at Macitynet have got their hands on what is reported to be a new case for the iPhone 5, and the photo below shows the iPhone 5 case with an iPhone 4 inside it, which gives us some idea of the size of the new iPhone 5 compared to the existing iPhone 4.

iPhone 5 CaseiPhone 5 Case

Of course there is no confirmation that this is an actual case for the new iPhone 5, although going on the past rumors, this fits in with what the design of the iPhone 5 is expected to be like.

We are hoping that Apple will announce the iPhone 5 shortly as we are expecting an official announcement some time this month or at the start of October.

Source 9 To 5 Mac

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  • http://twitter.com/djromi Alpha Romeo

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