id America Announces Gasket V8 Case for the iPhone 5

Accessory making company called id America has announced that it has a new case for the iPhone 5 that will launch on March 20. The case will be available online and is called the Gasket V8. The manufacturer says that the case was inspired by the design of a head gasket from a V-8 engine.


This case was available previously for earlier models of the iPhone. The new version of the case has been sized specifically to fit the iPhone 5. The case is made using a brushed aluminum skeleton with a suede material on the inside to act as a shock absorber. The case promises to protect the iPhone 5 from scratches and drops.

The case will also ship with a clear protective film for the front screen, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a squeegee to apply the film. The case will be available directly from the manufacturer for $29.95.

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