Hexacopter Microcopter

This six-rotor microcopter can fly for 36 minutes on one charge and has an intergrated GPS systems that allows it to return to its staring position (home) automatically. You can also lay way points if desired for the Hexacopter to follow in sequence.

The copter is capable of carring upto 1KG together with a HD camera which can produce amazing results. Check out the video after the jump.

The Hexacopter also has a altitude control algorithm which makes hovering very easy even if wind conditions are a little strong. Its on board camera can also be adjusted remotely allowing you to get the perfect angle to capture that footage.

There is a  Wiki page with details on how to build your own.

Via Gizmag

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  • http://jimeagle.com Jleagle

    That’s amazing.

  • haha

    It should be sold at Toys”R”Us

  • http://tctulsa@yahoo.com tc childress

    need to know if i can buy one of these hexacopter and for what price ….. can anyone out there help me in this area …………. thanks ………… tc

  • aidy

    yep you can, but not ready built.

    lots of variations in size and rotor quantity, eg quadcopter, hexacopter and octocopter. configuration is programable so you can have a co-axial tricopter as a hexacopter. can be cheap if few options fitted but soon get into four figures when you start adding everything on.

    goto http://www.mikrokopter.de for details. forum has an international section in english where you can get lots of helpful advise.

    hope that helps…