Helms Deep Reborn Left 4 Dead 2 Map Added To Official Servers

If you are a fan of Lords of the Rings and enjoy playing Left 4 Dead 2, you are sure to be pleased to learn that the new Helms Deep Reborn map has been added to the official Left 4 Dead 2 gaming servers, the L4D team has announced.

A new update has rolled out this week to Left 4 Dead 2 which corrects an issue with dedicated servers and workshop content, and to celebrate the fix the L$D team have added the Helms Deep Reborn map.

Helms Deep Reborn

“To celebrate, we are adding Helm’s Deep Reborn to our own official servers. Gone is the long explanation of how to download and install the campaign. Now – just visit its workshop page and click subscribe. Next time you open Left 4 Dead 2 it will begin to download. If the campaign gets updated – it updates automatically for you. It’s that easy.”

“Make sure to choose official servers when you play to join one of our servers. It is a survival only campaign, so it is not playable in other modes and you need to make sure it has finished downloading to play it.”

Helms Deep Reborn

Source : L4D : VG24/7

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