Google ‘Glass’ Trademark Filing For Google Glass Rejected By USPTO

Glass is a term that can be used to describe a wide range of things, and it looks like the USPTO had decided that Google should not be given the trademark for the word ‘Glass’.

Google has already managed to trademark ‘Google Glass’, but the company was also trying to trademark ‘Glass’, the filing was registered with the USPTO last year.

Google Glass

The USPTO is basically saying that trademarking of the word ‘Glass’ could lead to confusion, and that the consider the word a descriptive term, rather than an actual product name.


Google has been marketing Google Glass as just ‘Glass’, this can be seen in the advert for Google Glass above,  and the company apparently plans to appeal the USPTO decision.

We suspect that the USPTO will end up turning down Google’s request again in the future, and instead of using the trademark ‘Glass’ the company will end up either using the ‘Google Glass’ one, or one like ‘Glass by Google’ or something similar.

Source WSJ, Ubergizmo

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