Google Launches Free Snapseed App On Android And iOS

The awesome Snapseed  application which was recently purchased by Google after it acquired Nik Software, has now been made available for free by Google on both Android and iOS.

Previously the price for the Snapseed photo editing application was $4.99 but Google in their generosity have now made the app free to download for iOS devices, and today launched the app on Android devices as well.


So if you haven’t already benefited from the fantastic and easy-to-use filters and photograph tweaking technology within the Snapseed application, jump over to the iTunes App or Google Play Store to now downloaded it for free.

Google has also added a number of other features to the application including Google+ sharing, together with new filters and updated photographic frames. Unfortunately the Mac version of the Snapseed app is still priced at $20.

Source: TUAW

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