Google Indoor Maps Support Added To Desktop Web Browsers

Google has this week rolled out new support for its Indoor Maps, which shows the layout of locations such as airports, department stores, malls, to desktop web browsers, making it even easier to find your way around.

Google has built their Indoor Maps feature into Google Maps, allowing  you to use many of the same great Google Maps features to explore your indoor space, as you currently do outside.

Google Indoor Maps

When using the new Google Indoor Maps features on your desktop browser, you will need to zooom right in to a building to be able to see its floor plan if it exists.

Google explains: “Currently, desktop Google Maps users are only able to view the main level of buildings available in indoor maps. For Maps users on Android devices, you can see additional levels using the level switcher function on the right side of the map.”-” Depending on the data available, the map will show notable places in the building you’re currently viewing, including stores, restrooms, food, and more. Click any indoor location to learn more.”

For more information on the new Google Indoor maps support jump over to the Google support website for full details.

Source: Google

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