Google Glass FAQ Published By Google To Answer Your Questions

Now that Google is finally coming to the end of the roll-out of its Google Glass eyewear to its Explorer Program members, the search giant has this week published an in-depth FAQ webpage to try and answer your questions and concerns about their new Google Glass technology.

Google Glass

As Google Glass rolls out into the hands of more people more questions are asked of the technology with regards privacy concerns and how the new eyewear will impact our everyday lives when it rolls out into mass production sometime next year. Google explains:

“Glass is a new device and platform for people to use the technology they know and love. While Glass is currently a test device and not widely available to consumers, there are a lot of questions out there about Glass and what it does. We thought it would be helpful to share some common questions we hear from people in the hope that it helps those who are interested in learning more about Glass understand the device a bit better.”

You can read the full Google Glass eyewear FAQ over on the Google website here. What are your thoughts on the new Google Glass eyewear? Do you have concerns about privacy or will you be an easily adopted?

Source: Engadget :  Google

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